We are pleased to annouce that Arizona Parking Solutions has become Oversii. This idea initiated in 2014 and has now actualized in February 2015 to focus our logo, feel, vision, stategy on technology and operation optimization. We've recently enhanced our already intense technology that now allows us to add additional features with a continued focus on parking enforcement. 


We are the "eyes" and "ears" of communities, enforcing CC&Rs in addition to enhancing resident behavior through streamlined communcation, education, from property managers and HOAs nationwide. 


Why a brand change?


As mentioned above, our vision has encompassed more efficient features/benefits to property managers, hoas, and residents, beyond parking solutions. Our technology has enhanced greatly allowing us to truly be the "eyes" and "ears" of communities!



When will this happen?


We expect to roll out the new brand, press release, communication with all clients, social media, by 2/1/15.



Does this change any terms in my current contract with Arizona Parking Solutions Inc.?


No. All contractual, legal, terms, services, current will remain the same. Legally, this is a change of a "Doing business as" (dba). That is all.



Will benefits or features be lost?


Absolutely not! In fact, they will be enhanced and new features/benefits will be implemented in the near future, which you will have a choice to use if desired!



What else can I expect?


You can expect enhanced features/benefits tailored to your operation, saving time and $.



Where can I go for more information?


For any questions, comments:




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