Making sure everyone is following the rules is difficult to do. As a 3rd party understanding ​all enforcement aspects of CC&Rs and general guidelines of policy, we are able to use our software to document infractions and prepare data for execution.

We promise a noticeable positive change within 60 days of enforcement. We do this through intense training of staff, technology, physical notifications for education (if desired), and a picky eye for conformity.

We document all types of infractions



-Stucco issues

-Window appearance

-Garage doors

-House lights



-Parking on street

-Landscape parking

-Permitted parking vs visitor parking


-Abandoned vehicles



-Lawn maintenance

-Tree trimming


-Dead plants

-Yard decorations



-Garbage/recycle cans

-Coach lights

-Noise disturbances

-Mischievous activity

-Unapproved variances


Every property is unique, our eye for perfection is too. Our technology can take in any level of complexity.


Let us prove it to you through 2 free patrols, no contract

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