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hoa security alerts.

Welcome to ALERTS!

Our HIGHEST PRIORITY while patrolling is promoting safety/compliance. ALERTS! assists by directly communicating to residents if / when a specific situation is present.


Resident goes to, clicks ALERTS! then creates an account.

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We VERIFY the resident lives at that address by sending a postcard with a code in the mail. After verification, the resident selects what information they want to receive.

(Ex. if a garage door is open at 3a, carriage light outage, car parked in front of the house that is not theirs, non-emergency events, etc).

Preferences can be changed at any time.


If the situation is PRESENT while patrolling, we will document the situation (confirmed by dispatch) and the information will send out via text or email.


Individual reports will be sent to the resident in summary. Settings can be changed at any time.

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