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Meet the team behind Oversii Security, driven by innovation in security technology, excellence in mobile patrol and transforming property management in Arizona.

Steve Rabish, Oversii Security Phoenix

Steve Rabish


As founder and owner-operator, Steve's vision of enforcement has positively changed behavior at 100s of properties they now service in Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff, Arizona. Growth, technology, and relationships are his main focus within the company.

In his free time, he gets to spend time with his family, exercise, painting, and dog. 

Josh Esparza, Oversii Security Phoenix

Josh Esparza

VP Operations

Josh quickly advanced within the company beginning with marketing tactics then to operations manager within 1 year.

Josh's focus is guard management, client communication, and technology development.

Joshua Paige
Operations Manager

Joshua Paige, Oversii Security Phoenix

Josh is one of the longest standing leaders in the company starting from the early stages of the company beginning and being promoted 3 times to where he is now. 

His roles are guard and fleet management, a true 6th man within the company.

Tyra McThais, Oversii Security Phoenix
Tyra McThias

Company Administrator

Tyra is an admin and audit mastermind. Her swift and detailed skills translate into data accuracy which maximizes our Quality Assurance to clients and employees. 

Elena Pena
Lead Admin

Elena Pena, Oversii Security Phoenix

Elena leads anything and everything relating to the precious clients and residents we serve. Action oriented with kindness at all times = a great asset.

Michael Ohlmaier, Oversii Security Phoenix
Michael Ohlmaier
Business Development

Another long-standing leader within the company since the beginning. Michael has been promoted 4 times and now leads with all sales / marketing related items as well as ahead of Tucson Operations.  

Bridger Kummer, Oversii Security Phoenix
Bridger Kummer
Operations Manager

Bridger has been with the company longer than anyone else. His incredible knowledge and photographic memory has transformed the company into a security and patrol powerhouse. He also understands our proprietary software and code better than anyone else. 

His talents and genuine sincerity has earned the respect of all leaders in the company. 

Brian Woodruff, Oversii Security Phoenix
Brian Woodruff
Lead Supervisor

It's hard to find someone who understands and executes a security guard's position better than Brian. Thankfully, he is able to pass his knowledge and expertise along to other guards in the company. He was also one of the first 10 hires in the company and has been promoted 3 times. 

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