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keeping hoa communities safe.



Our mission is to keep you safe. Oversii Security strives to provide the best human capital and technology in order to  maximize property values and mitigate risk.

Historical Stats on Company

  • 2006 inception date, over 13 years in business, servicing public and private communities

  • 11 highly researched, close knit, trained patrolmen, deep background and situational tests analyzed during interview

  • 13 marked vehicles w/ LED lights surrounding to assist in safety and data illumination

  • 100% compliant, including most recent law 8/6/16, A.R.S. 33-1242(B) and 33-1803 (C), House Bill: HB2106

  • Reinvestment into proprietary software with technology releases every 6 months, higher benefit, same cost

mobile vehicle patrol in phoenix az.

Market Validation

  • 225 properties in contract with 72 different management companies, conducting security, compliance, and parking enforcement patrols

  • 98.5% annual retention of client contracts, year after year healthy yet conservative growth

  • 91% annual retention of employees, least amount of experience of a patrolman is 1.5 years

  • Marketing budgets less than 2% of gross revenues since inception, year to year increase in properties and sales, new contracts originate 75% of the time as referrals

Data Disclosure / Security

  • Complete access to data collected, including database citations, pictures, video, audio, historical

  • GPS mapping outlining each street patrolled at a property when a patrol is completed

  • Multiple logins provided, property managers and HOA boards (if desired)

  • 256 bit encryption, SSL certificates on all URLs

  • 3rd party merchant protection

security system disclosure.
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