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HOA homeowner associations rely heavily on the expertise of property management companies and selected vendors to enforce the CC&Rs and service the property. Boards have crucial decisions to make based upon noticeable issues with potentially complex ways of solving. At times, Boards are even unaware of issues that are taking place at the community or if they are, how severe it really is.


That's why trust is #1 to us and we prove it everyday with constant and consistent security and community patrols. Our goal is to work together with HOAs to keep the peace and safety in your community, and maximize homeowner values with CC&Rs that are consistently enforced.

Why Have 3rd Party Compliance Enforcing CC&Rs?

Conflict of Interest

An established company issuing violations and reporting can transfer frustration to a company who legally specializes in, does not live in the community, and has no decision making power to influences the rules and bylaws. 


A company performing day and night inspections usually offer their own proprietary, specialized technology to pinpoint the most complex violations, even those containing progression. They assume liability and proper and timely data will mitigate legal issues. Staff is heavily trained and tailored for each property expectations with the mentality that 99% correctness is 1% too short. 

Cost Savings

After years of research, it is found that HOA board members and property manager's time is more expensive than hiring a compliance company to conduct inspections on property. 


Services you can receive:


We are the eyes and ears of communities, we report ANYTHING that can be of value to the property when patrolling:


  • Trash cans, recycle cans violations

  • Burglary and trespassing

  • Vandalism and graffiti

  • Opening and closing of pools

  • Burned out or malfunctioning lights

  • Disorderly conduct

  • Broken or inoperable gates

  • Landscaping issues

  • Structural issues

  • Park area incidents

  • Pool violations

  • Broken windows

  • Fences and bulletin boards

  • All data collected is received by virtually by next day 8am MST

  • And other custom requests


We can handle any level of complexity regarding parking, in some cases, we assist in writing the guidelines to enforce:

  • Resident vs visitor parking

  • Parking on landscape

  • Abandoned/Inoperable/Stored vehicles

  • Variance management

  • Parking on the street

  • Parking in firelane / fire hydrant

  • RVs / oversized / trailer / commercial vehicle

  • Parking in handicap zones

  • Recording of violations into our database fueled with high resolution pictures to verify

  • GPS tracking of every patrol

  • Education flyers / violation warning included

  • Robust database allowing for many search options including dates, license plates, times, name, street, house number, etc.

  • Track violations to see status

  • Proprietary software (patent pending)

  • Small print, there is none, all data collected is 100% transparent to property managers and boards of HOAs 

  • Simple, 2 page, monthly contracts

  • Simple per patrol pricing, no hidden fees or "got yas"

  • Introductory patrols (2) for FREE!

  • Guaranteed satisfaction


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