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security company questions.


Get answers to the security questions that everyone is asking.

Why Trust Oversii Security?

  1. We offer free no charge patrols so you can experience our service

  2. We promise radical positive change within 2 months of service

  3. Simple 30 day contracts w/ GPS reports showing patrol coverage

  4. Communication, response within 30 mins max

  5. Compromise, if our teamwork isn’t effective, we can make a change to yield better results

  6. Business standing, healthy sustainable growth, low employee turnover, high retention of contracts

  7. Our technology is proprietary, reinvesting continuously to make our business better

  8. Owner operator, owner is involved in daily operations making decisions based upon factual understanding/outcomes

How Do Your Security Prices Compare In The Long Term?

In competition, companies tend to submit the lowest pricing in order to capture the contract and will monetize later by cutting corners - this is called the “bait and switch.”

We clearly show accurate, guaranteed pricing (after no charge patrols are conducted), even if prices are higher than competing companies. Because of our transparent pricing, Oversii Security has a retention of contracts at 98.5% annually.

Why Is Oversii In The Security Business?

We are passionate about changing behavior of residents so we can all respect and get along with each other through education and risk mitigation tactics.


The way we do this is through enforcement and technology.

How Does Oversii Security Go Above & Beyond The Competition?

We are the eyes and ears of the community and we report anything that can be helpful to the community, whether or not our contract states we should primarily focus on it. It might be trash cans, graffiti, street light outages or bushes in the middle of roads.

How Can We Add Security Patrol Services & Parking Enforcement To Our HOA Budget?

On average, if an HOA is able or decides to fine, the revenues brought back to the HOA as a factor of the expense is 1.5 - meaning, for every $100 in expense, and HOA can bring $150 back to the gross.

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