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security technology.


Oversii Security technology revolutionizes property management with proprietary tech, offering customized security solutions and efficient web-based reporting.


We deliver simple processes to solve complex security problems, save time, and save money. Our technology is proprietary, we create and control it, allowing us to customize the sum of unique needs for each property.

Now proudly serving Phoenix and Tucson, AZ.

security operations tucson az.


  • Recording of violations into our database fueled with high quality pictures to verify

  • GPS tracking and mapping of every patrol

  • Education flyers / violation warning included

  • Robust database allowing for many search options including dates, license plates, times, name, street, house number, etc.

  • Track violations to see status and history

  • Variance creation and execution

security systems accuracy.


  • 256 bit encryption of data, 2 active SSL certificates

  • High resolution pictures stamped with time & date to verify violation

  • Daily, weekly, monthly, automated reporting

  • Report monitoring, analysis, progress calculations

innovation in security technology.

Innovation & Viability

  • Issuing of a virtual permit, no paperwork for management or residents

  • Solutions to public street issues of identification of vehicles

  • Patent pending proprietary software and mobile application

  • And so much more

Snapshot Of Our Security Technology

Web App Reporting

Export options, automated emails sent out every day before 8am

GPS reports showing in time, out time, stagnation spots, route, coverage
Our technology tells the patrolman what to do on the spot in sequence, taking out guessing
security technology tucson az.
Pictures are date and time stamped with URL for GPS location

With highly trained patrol personnel and robust proprietary technology, we can change behavior and lower patrols (lower costs as well) within 60 days.

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