Where the market is heading...

Advancements in technology offers incredible efficiency, but there is still a human element that'll never be replaced and always #1 in delivering the best service possible.



To deliver the best value added service, our expectations are intense...so is our hiring process



All of our patrolmen come with:


4 step interview process, including general aptitude and critical thinking testing


Complete universal background check, including criminal and drivers, employment verification


Use of technology, including use of mobile apps, cameras, inputting and sending detailed reports with specific notes, at least 2 years professional driving experience


After clearance, the last step is to go on trained patrols with a senior patrolman for an extended period of time


Steve Rabish




As founder and owner-operator, Steve's vision of enforcement has positively changed behavior at 100s of properties they now service in Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff, Arizona. Growth, technology, and relationships are his main focus within the company.

In his free time, he gets to spend time with his family, exercise, painting, and dog. 

Josh Esparza

Operations Manager


Josh quickly 

Josh quickly advanced within the company beginning with marketing tactics then to operations manager within 1 year.

Josh's focus is guard management, client communication, and technology development.

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